What do our customers say?

Every member of AMRAP works towards his or her own goals under the close supervision of Coaches Ray, Sue, and Nataliya.  Below, you will find a number of testimonials from individuals who have done nothing short of changing their lives around thanks to AMRAP Fitness and their own personal drive to be and do more.

Dr. Pamela Yee MD

I’m writing this both from the perspective as a medical doctor and also as an avid exerciser. Training with Ray Traitz is one of the most life-changing and body-changing things I’ve done for myself. As someone who has participated in every new exercise trend since the early 90’s including standard gym classes and standard use of gym cardio equipment, spinning, boxing, bootcamp, yoga, the one thing that has most obviously changed my body, increased my strength in everyday life activities has been Crossfit.

Functional training, such as Crossfit, is one of the types of physical conditioning I recommend most to my patients both from a preventative standpoint but also for disease states such as cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.  I favor this because of this type of training involves getting you fit and strong in a way that translates into being strong for everyday life.  I’d rather be able to lift my 40 pound son with ease than to exercise to hypertrophy my biceps!

Though I have trained at other Crossfit locations and been with other coaches, I feel I found one of the best trainers I could hope for in keeping me safe, motivated and injury-free.  Each class is well thought out, challenging, fun and never the same and that’s the point.  Your body isn’t going to change if you do the same activity again and again and it’s not going to be sustainable if it’s not going to create definitive results and be something you want to return to again and again.  Coach Ray also cares about the neglected part of training which is how diet can impact your goals of weight loss, increased muscle mass or athletic performance and he’s knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating.  Really, what else can you ask for in a fitness program?  Good music?  Yes, he has that too!

Lastly a lot has been written about Crossfit participants and the social support they give each other and Coach Ray has created a community where we’re all there for each other as we grow in many ways our closest friends and families don’t even get to see.  I’m grateful to be part of this community he’s created and grateful that he’s there to guide me every step of the way.

Nataliya - "AMRAP IS MY LIFE" 

"I feel like ever since I got introduced to this world, I was always challenged. At 1 year and a half, doctors discovered a spinal hemangioma on my back which required surgery. I was also born with Congenital Muscular Torticollis, a deformity in which the neck is twisted and held at an angle to one side. Another surgery was unavoidable since it affected my posture and walking. Then Chernobyl happened in Ukraine, the country of my origin, which caused two big tumors in my thyroid - yet another two surgeries, and my whole thyroid was removed, leaving me with taking hormones for the rest of my life to replace it so that my metabolism could get to work somehow. 

Ever since thyroid removal, I've been struggling with weight, I could never control it. Thus, I decided to start working out as much as possible so that at least somehow I could manage it. 

My journey began with joining Kokushikai Judo academy and running 1 to 3 miles on a regular basis. I loved what I did, but my fitness journey didn't stop there. One year ago, a friend of mine brought me into AMRAP and got me introduced to crossfit. I got hooked the first day and joined without even thinking. Why? Well, there's lots of reasons. 

First of all, professional and well educated coaches that will not only be your best trainers, but also be there for you as therapists, friends, and family. Second, the AMRAP community. What an amazing group of people that I'm blessed to call friends and family now. Yes, AMRAP coaches and their community became my family. I cannot imagine a single day without being a part of it. Third, the best quality equipment you could think of. Everything you need for a crossfit box, Ray Traitz got it. I am truly addicted and always look forward to coming there to work out, not to mention that I live 20-25 minutes away and have to commute 40 minutes to work after the 5am class. I must admit, there are a few boxes in the town where I live, but I chose to come to AMRAP; that's just how good they are!!!

Traitz training is unique, no one is ever disappointed. Everyone who I know and trains at AMRAP is extremely satisfied with the program and results they get. No matter what age or condition you are in, Ray and Suzanne will take care of you and bring the best out of you. Speaking of that, recently due to an accident, I broke and dislocated my wrist, and being a die-hard dedicated AMRAPster, I couldn't stay home and not train. I knew Ray would take good care of me, I wasn't scared to go back having a cast on. So there I was, one week after a surgery, having metal plates and screws installed in my wrist, I went back and trained with just one arm. Ray modified all my workouts and I never felt left out. I was challenged and it wasn't easy, but I feel like having that "temporary" disability made me even stronger, and thanks to my coaches, I didn't give up on my fitness journey and continued doing what I love - and that is crossfit. 

I workout at AMRAP 5-6 times a week now. I'm sore every single day from not so easy workouts and yet I'm eager to come back the next morning and do more. Call me crazy but I love it. AMRAP is my life! "


Bonnie Hand: RN Montefiore Medical Center NY

“I love Suzanne dearly, and not only because she has given me back a life I thought was lost forever, but because she is an amazing person who is so giving of herself and her talents, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.”

“I love Suzanne dearly, and not only because she has given me back a life I thought was lost forever, but because she is an amazing person who is so giving of herself and her talents, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.”

“Whenever I Experience pain, and my body just doesn’t ‘feel right’, although I see other body-work professionals, I always seem to get the best results with Suzanne, and I am truly grateful for her.”

“She always compliments me and reminds me how, I am the one who puts the actual work in, and that she is simply my guide alongside, and that without my compliance and all my hard work, what she does simply wouldn’t work.”

“Suzanne is the one who has educated me and given me the tools that I need to help me correct my issues on my own. She looks at my whole all over body dynamics and then has me do the ‘corrective exercises’ to help me realign my body by relaxing certain muscles and strengthening others to correct the shift that has occurred from my accident.” 

This shift has been there for over four years, and another professional body-worker I work with had definitely helped me, but it was always just temporary, as the muscles kept shifting back out of place, and now knowing how the training Suzanne offers works, I understand why this was happening. It has been through Suzanne’s guidance, emotional  support, and incredible knowledge of the human body’s musculoskeletal system that she has given me back a life that I love, and for the first time in four years I am so looking forward to Christmas, and I finally feel like I am the one back in control of my destiny.”

“I don't necessarily believe that I will never feel pain again, but I do believe, and I know now, that thanks to Suzanne, and all my hard work, I will be able to manage it and have long periods of freedom from pain as long as I commit to myself and do the work that she has programmed for me and my body’s specific needs.”

Stephanie Vaughan: Owner CrossFit Momentum

“Suzanne's expertise in the field is hard to come by!"

“Suzanne's expertise in the field is hard to come by!"

“Suzanne's expertise in the field is hard to come by. As a gym owner myself, I can see Suzanne is wholeheartedly invested in the individual. She was able to help me not only feel better in the moment after the session but also gave me tools to continue feeling improvement. Her knowledge base is incredible. She knows the why's and gets to the root of the issue.”

~Stephanie Vaughan/Owner CrossFit Momentum~

Michael A. Nicodema LLP: Trial Attorney

In the early 1990s I was an avid weight lifter and runner. Adhering to the rigidity of the, “no pain, no gain" slogan, I always ignored my injuries and ended up tearing the biceps tendon in my left shoulder.  A 2-1/2 hour operation soon followed, and due to my own neglect, I never rehabilitated the injury properly.  

Over the next 20+ years, I continued weight lifting and running, but compensated for my left shoulder by shying away from overhead exercises.  I ended up developing a "frozen shoulder," and it became hard for me to put on a jacket by myself.  Fast forward to 2017, when I tried CrossFit for the first time.  I enjoyed it from the start, and through CrossFit I met Suzanne Traitz....

I soon came to learn that Suzanne is an expert in mobility training and corrective exercise techniques (a science I never even knew existed), and has had a lot of success helping people like me overcome debilitating injuries.  From our first conversation, it was clear that Suzanne has a deep passion for her craft and for her clients.  

I began working with Suzanne 7 months ago, and she has helped me turn back the clock in a very meaningful way.  Through many hours of corrective and mobility exercises under Suzanne's watchful eye, I regained a good deal of overhead mobility in my left shoulder, as well as improving my forward-head posture dramatically! I know I still have a long ways to go, and although I am not yet doing pull-ups, ring dips, or thrusters in CrossFit class, I WILL BE, because Suzanne never gives up on me, and never let’s me give up on myself!


Lance Restaino: MTA Train CONDUCTOR

"Now I feel so GREAT I could run through this wall!”

"Now I feel so GREAT I could run through this wall!”

“After struggling with back pain for about 16 years and seeing ‘every’ doctor, physical therapist and chiropractor, and receiving numerous types of treatments and injections in my back, I was told that my only resort at this point is back surgery.”

“I had had numerous X-Ray’s and MRI’s taken, and aside from the findings of multiple herniations in my mower lumbar, Sue reassured me that she could work with me and help me to relax the muscles in the areas of my body that were hypertonic and/or overactive and taking on too much work, and make myself stronger in the muscles that had taken a back seat and were inactive and/or underdeveloped. I told myself that I have nothing to lose, as working with Sue was my last resort before going under the knife.”

“Sue found all my overactive areas and weak points and developed a program which we progressed on each session. She literally has all the information and will obsess about your issue more than you will. Any question you have will be answered with more than your brain can handle and will give you a much better understanding on what you have going on. You have to take her recommendations and follow her program and you will definitely see results.”

“A few months back I was trying to figure out the best month to get lower back surgery, now it's not even a thought in my mind. She was a complete game changer regarding my lower back issues, and at the moment I feel so GREAT I could run through this wall!”

Vikki Crosby: Contracting manager,  Mom, and CrossFitter


Having a shoulder injury for over 6 months and having tried numerous types of therapies, none of which seemed to help ease my pain for more than a few days, I was feeling desperate! So much so, that If someone had told me to hang from my ankles because it would help heal my pain, I would hang.  

Having surgery a few years back reinforced my decision not too have surgery on my shoulder.  I have learned that surgery is nothing but a quick fix-a bandaid-it doesn't address the imbalance(s) that most probably caused me to injure my shoulder to begin with.  

I started working with Suzanne for a completely different issue entirely, and after evaluating me she advised me that we should address the pain in shoulder before anything. My postural imbalances and lack of back strength which probably stemmed from my prior surgery, were basically causing a domino affect that Suzanne labeled the “Cumulative Injury Cycle.” 

What I have learned from training with Suzanne is patience for myself and healing, and the corrective exercises to do that, as well as how to modify my CrossFit workouts, which, in the long run will make me stronger: Building strength in areas that have been neglected and underdeveloped, and relaxing other muscles that have been overused and become super-tight, or as she calls it, “Hypertonic.” 

She has shown me that I can modify the WODs and still get an amazing workout!  While there may be setbacks at times, the ultimate goal is to be able to, as Suzanne says, “train for life.”  I am totally taking strides forward, and I am feeling super positive with my progress and looking forward to the next chapter.