Corrective Exercise

You do not have to live in pain! Coach Suzanne is duly certified under the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES). The NASM CES program is one that has been repeatedly applied and proven to aid in reducing muscular dysfunctions and help clients to move, feel, and live more quality of life. 

Coach Suzanne uses a variety of static, transitional, and dynamic movement assessments to identify movement compensations and pattern dysfunctions, and then uses her findings to design effective training programs for clients. 

Coach Suzanne uses a highly effective four-step process which can be applied to clients to help improve, and ultimately, correct common movement compensation patterns. By applying these techniques, clients will quickly improve, and with time, pain is reduced and movement compensation(s) are corrected, leading to clients feeling better, moving more optimally, and therefore performing at higher levels in life and in sport! 

Contact Coach Suzanne to schedule your assessment today! 

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AMRAP Fitness offers a wellness/ team building program for your business needs. This program will no doubt improve overall production and moral. However, the most powerful observation is the development of employee relationship(s).  This is an outstanding way to make your business thrive above the rest. 

With the current economic landscape causing higher healthcare costs, employee wellness is of the utmost importance. For many companies, health costs use 50% or more of their corporate profits. In fact, the indirect costs of poor health, such as an absence from work and reduced work productivity, can result in two or three times the amount of direct medical costs. Involving your company in such a program will save numerous amounts of revenue as well as skyrocket company moral, work production, health, and relationships within the company. Get your company involved today.

AMRAP US Military Veterans Program


There are a million reasons to focus on your physical health and wellness. Lower stress levels, improved mood, increased energy – when you feel stronger, you feel better. We’re here to help you discover what “better” means for you, through coaching, skill-building, and physical training.

Set goals, then meet them, with us by your side. Feel a little bit better, day by day. With us, it’s all about getting you what you need to get where you want to go, so we offer a range of veteran health and wellness programs and never give up on your success.


Sometimes you need a little guidance to get started. Our Coaching Program focuses on weight loss, nutrition, and increased mobility. Supportive coaches will listen to understand exactly what you need.

Everyone has different goals, so there are two ways to get involved:

  • We educate on fitness, nutrition, mobility, recovery, and setting the right goals for your personal path forward.

  • we also assist on setting personal goals, uncover your challenges, and make a plan to keep you on track and working toward success.


We’re all stronger when we work as a team. AMRAP Fitness can help you tap into a support system in two ways: 

  • Community: We’ll connect you with other Veterans in the area to improve your health and wellness together. When everyone is working toward the same goal, you get there faster.

  • Workouts: Taking health and fitness the next level with challenges designed to motivate Vets.


The more you know, the better you are at making decisions for your mind & body. We provide information on topics ranging from nutrition, mental health, and ways to build a personalized workout plan.


There’s a world of changing you health and wellness outside our walls. We bring that world to you with a range of health and wellness resources for Vets, their families, and caregivers.