AMRAP obstacle course Training

AMRAP Fitness Obstacle Course Training (OCT) program prepares athletes for a strong performance at obstacle races such as Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, and more! 

In addition, if you’re tired of reps at the gym or jogging aimlessly, our AMRAP Fitness OCT Program is a great way to increase your fitness via a non-traditional workout regimen. Our OCT Program and experienced coaches will guide you through all aspects of obstacle course racing. Together, not only getting you in shape for the races, but also instructing you on strategies and skills for completing races in the most efficient ways possible.

These group workouts will include the very mental as well as physical obstacles encountered on race day: building your confidence & aerobic capacity, strategizing obstacles, rope climbs, cargo nets, peg boards, rope ladders, rings, bucket carries, sandbag carries, monkey bars, and more. 

Additionally, the training will include running so you can efficiently move from obstacle to obstacle on race day. Our group workouts allow athletes to push and encourage each other, thus building mental and physical toughness, and improving athletic performance. Our coaches are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and will appropriately challenge and motivate participants to achieve race day goals. 

AMRAP Fitness OCT program challenges all levels of athletes, beginner to experienced. Our OCT programming focuses on technique/skill first before being introduced to intensity & volume. Which in turn ensures proper adaptation to the training.  Regular benchmark workouts are included in the program to track fitness progress. Sessions will cover a specific skill component such as rope climbs, lifting techniques, climbing, carrying odd objects, and more that are set up in a clinic style. Thus, preparing participants going into race day completely ready for every obstacle that comes your way.