Corrective Exercise

You do not have to live in pain! Coach Suzanne is duly certified under the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES). The NASM CES program is one that has been repeatedly applied and proven to aid in reducing muscular dysfunctions and help clients to move, feel, and live more quality of life. 

Coach Suzanne uses a variety of static, transitional, and dynamic movement assessments to identify movement compensations and pattern dysfunctions, and then uses her findings to design effective training programs for clients. 

Coach Suzanne uses a highly effective four-step process which can be applied to clients to help improve, and ultimately, correct common movement compensation patterns. By applying these techniques, clients will quickly improve, and with time, pain is reduced and movement compensation(s) are corrected, leading to clients feeling better, moving more optimally, and therefore performing at higher levels in life and in sport! 

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